Friday, January 3, 2014

A December to Remember

Hi friends!
Happy New Year!!
I was fortunate enough to have the last two weeks off and if I'm being honest,
I want the last two weeks of every year off.
*Wishful thinking at its finest*
Here is a brief rundown of our month...
Since I forgot to photograph most of it.
Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol
For the 2nd time in 5 years.
M cooked.
It was actually pretty tasty, kudos to my bald Chef!
I got 5 days with Twinner
In those 5 days we...
went to a winery
Recipe adapted from here
We decorated Gingerbread (Graham cracker) houses! 
Twinner killed us, whatevs.
I also gained 4 lbs.
Damn you vino.
Kidding it wasn't the vino; it was fireball.
I can't say no to the cinnamon goodness.
I may or may not
Have looked at a flier from 2012 when I was planning our NYE.
Don't worry the 5 other people with me did the same thing;
So we spent our evening over-dressed at a hotel drinking our sorrows via Greyhounds
(thanks vodka),
Ringing in the New Year with plastic beads and barefoot amongst people way older than we are
 (not really older we just "aren't" 30 yet).
The 1st was spent at the Races
Where we lost $18 dollars  
If you live in Portland GO!
It's so fun, and cheap, we're talking $1 beers cheap.
I hope that the first weekend of 2014 brings you something great!
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Kristin said...

I'm so used to having the last couple of weeks of every year off. I'm pretty spoiled. I don't go back til Monday.

birdie to be said...

Great recap! So wish we would have done gingerbread houses this year. Its on the list for next year!

Nikki said...

Im kinda jealous that you had the last 2 weeks off! I wish I did!

Sounds like you enjoyed them to the fullest though! Cheers! Happy New Year!

Emily grapes said...

I had fireball for the first time at my brothers. They love the stuff!

Can't believe you were forced to hangout with the OLD people!! ;) Gosh..that makes me feel old. ;)

Janna Renee said...

Whatever he cooked looks delish! That is too funnyabout New Yerar's and I totally feel like I would do something like that!

Elle Sees said...

loved the recap! i gained 2 pounds from all the wine!

his little lady said...

You are just too cute! And good thing you only lost $18 dollars at the races ;)
xo TJ

Tallia said...

The race track can be fun! I haven't ever bet but I've been and it's fun


Jamie said...

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2014!

Katie said...

I'm sure you wrote some good stuff in this post, but honestly, all I noticed were the food pictures. I'm hungry and pregnant and stuck at my house (going on 5...). I want to eat whatever that is that M made!

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